I was initially hired to design on-air graphics for the events, which I designed over 350+ graphics for, in total. The packages required for events are social media promos and a brandlive package.
Role: Designer, Design Lead: Teagan Aguirre, & Creative Direction from Deputy Design Director Carahna Magwood
After about a month of becoming antiquated with the brand, I began to help with the other sub-brands of the campaign, like our experimental @votejoe account for Instagram. Unfortunately the above concepts were killed.
Role: Motion Designer, Senior Designer: Julian Williams, Senior Motion Designer: Laura Porat, Art Direction: Carahna Magwood, Creative Direction: Robyn Kanner
To engage excitement, the week before the election, the Votejoe team designed overlays for imvotingfor.joebiden.com. This project was personal to me, because I wrote the copy about my family and motivations.
Role: Designer & Copywriter, collaboration with Product Design Team: Allison Press & Maggie Bignell
Opposition posts for our, now, defunct @truth fact-checking account.
Role: Lead Designer, Art Direction from the Democratic National Committee’s Design Director: Ashley Siebels, Creative Direction: Robyn Kanner
The Asian American Pacific Islander coalition had requested illustrations specific to the underrepresented community. I was challenged to do so under our pre-existing illustration style, and fulfilled to draw characters that represent my own community.
Role: Illustrator, Collaboration with Abbey Pitzer, “Unite” handlettered by Dámaris Bravo
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